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Infusion Pump i7


  • All module use high-precision stepper motor and driving system making the treatment more accurate
  • I7 infusion pump has flow compensation function, which can avoid the error caused by pipeline collapse
Accurate data
Without flow compensation
Data 2
With flow compensation
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Easy to operate

  • Flexible stack meets demands of different bedside infusion. It is convenient for transportation of patients when it installs on the elaborate handle

Modular Design
Infusion pump apply the same operation panel and every pump is an independent infusion module, all these are for the convenience of operation and users training

High Strength Shell
The shell is made from PBT plastic and it has well characteristics of resistance to corrosion. The corrosion risk of medicine leakage could be avoided.

Infusionpumpe ansicht
  • Infusion i7 applies 3.5 inch color touch screen and mobile style UI design which is easy to operate
  • Abundant infusion modes meet various clinic demands without complicated conversion and operation
  • The day/night mode could be switched automatically and it is unnecessary to set one by one. Noise pollution would be decreased effectively.
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Infusion 1

Dural CPU design assures the safety of the system.

Infusion 2

Dynamic Pressure Surveillance (DPS)
11 levels of alarm range is adjustable, it not only helps medical staff to set reasonable pressure alarm range, but also helps to find out pipeline off, leakage of injection and occlusion in time.

Infusion 3

Online Titration and Anti-bolus Functions
Infusion Pump i7 has online titration and anti-bolus functions, which can avoid the adverse reaction causing by the fluctuation of blood drug concentration.

Intelligent infusion

It can work with our patent designed dock cabin for one-stop power supply and pipeline management. It makes the ward more comfortable and brings you to an intelligent infusion management generation.